Abacus provides services which cater to the needs of Non Government Organisations (NGO). It focuses on the core NGO activities like Survey form creation, Data capture and analysis, Notifications, Reporting, Proposal creation based on Survey data, Generation of apps to capture data both in online/offline and micro-finance system for community savings & loan activities. Many apps has been developed for the savings data collection on mobile devices which would ensure secure data transfer to server. End users can view their savings/loan details immediately once the data has been captured.

Abacus also has provided solutions to Institutions who manage funds from sponsors to provide education to under privileged children. System has been developed to manage students data, fund allocation and communication of activities to the sponsors.

Abacus has experience is developing Biometric solutions in past and has developed projects to Karnataka Slum Development Board to capture the Settlement Household data along with their biometric data. Biometric cards has been generated and distributed for the same. Similar projects are in pipeline for the International Federations in African Countries.